Friday, November 5, 2010

{For the Love of Cheese and Wine}

While making a new mediterranean recipe last night, my sweetheart eloquently summed up his feelings about this new blog: "Are you just going to write about clothes?" Well, dear, considering it has been about a week...and the fact that this is a mostly feminine website...hold on to your big boy pants because I haven't had a chance to mention other loves of mine yet. Other loves being: traveling, eating and drinking delicious concoctions. More specifically: traveling abroad, eating scrumptious cheeses & trying new wines. If I can have all three, then I'm in heaven...which brings me back to last year when my sweetheart & I had a picnic by the Eiffel Tower and watched the sun go down while divulging in French bread, cheese and wine.

Essentially, I am a big wine & cheese buff and, since we all can't just go traipsing around Europe whenever we feel like it, I highly recommend trying out a local winery for tastings if you're in need of something new and fun to do. Marylanders: for a decent hike followed by a wine tasting, try Sugarloaf Mountain Vineyard. For a winery that hosts tours daily (and a place I'd love to host an event) try Boordy Vineyards. Or just refer here for a list of local wineries! Try hosting your own wine (& cheese) party, spontaneously buy a new wine (come on you white wine drinkers, try a red!) or attend a local wine event. For all of you non-drinkers...I can dig a cheese party ;-)

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