Sunday, November 28, 2010

{Just A Broadway Baby}

It's officially evening in New York City. You've just finished a delicious meal at Bubba Gump Shrimp & Co. and are partaking in all of the pop and circumstance of Times Square. The crowds, the bright lights, the flashing cameras and noisy cabs...and you haven't even made it to your show yet. You find your way through the hustle and bustle of this intriguing city when you spot it: the theatre entrance. Before you know it, you step into a whole new world of theatrical sensation. Like being caught up in a whirlwind, you're swept off into a new dimension of art that even the guy next to you can't get over.

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If you haven't experienced Broadway yet, you need to understand 3 things: 1) it's about time you do, 2) you can get up to 50% off ticket prices here, and 3) you can make it all happen on a cheaper budget than you think. I've grown up going to Broadway shows and have done the whole shabang: from having a limo escort to an evening show to catching a matinee after wondering the city all day to testing out an off-broadway production. I've even had the luxury of sprinting across town in a dress with my dinner in hand to see Wicked (thanks to our bus being late); the show made up for it though, ten-fold. Research the shows, choose your seats wisely, set a budget for your trip and make it happen! Tip: for half the cost of staying in downtown Manhatten, you can stay a 15-20 minute (direct-to-Port Authority) bus ride over the Jersey line at a hotel that offers a stop out front. Sounding better and better? If you're going to do NYC in all of its glory...give my regards to Broadway.

 A Few Favorites:

Monday, November 22, 2010

{Candid Clutch}

"What's in your wallet?" That's not the typical question that comes to my mind. Rather, "where did you get that fantastic wallet?!" I am a lover of handbags and accessories, but I love a good wallet that can stand alone. On my last trip to London, I visited Harrods (visited is the key word here, because unless you have hundreds of dollars to drop on a're going to be practicing the art of window shopping my friend) and spotted a glorious apple red wallet. Now, this Marc Jacobs beauty wasn't affordable to me at the time (being a broke college student) but that wallet never did leave my memory. A year later, I was out shopping in Georgetown with my girlfriend and voila! There was my single red wallet smiling back at me with a price tag that read "Listen lady, I've waited all of this time for you to buy me and now that I'm at a price you can't beat you better believe I'm going home with you today." In my opinion, a wallet that serves as the perfect accent to your handbag and as a magnetic clutch all on its own is one worth having.

This holiday, I've got my eye on wallets that sparkle and shine...

Thursday, November 18, 2010

{15 Minutes of Fame}

Today I am channeling my inner Edie Sedgwick: black shift dress, printed tights, leopard print jacket and dangling earrings.

Edie Sedgwick

Forever 21 Leopard Print Jacket (Fall 2007 Collection)

Along with my love of Edie, there is an even greater love for 1960's icon Andy Warhol. I spent hours in college researching, writing about and admiring the work & edgy lifestyle of Warhol. I find it quite interesting how Warhol merged the world of pop culture with high art, drawing intrigue and criticism. Deeming his workspace the 'Silver Factory' and naming his counterparts the 'Superstars,' he was nothing short of a sensational character.

Andy Warhol

His work continues to not only influence the art world but that of fashion as well. In 2007, Levi's and The Andy Warhol Foundation created a clothing collection inspired by Warhol's 'time capsule' artwork and ideas of life, death & religion. For the June/July 2008 issue of Interview magazine (which Andy himself started), Marc Jacobs (my ultimate designer crush) channeled his inner Andy Warhol as a celebration of what would have been the icon's 80th birthday. Jacobs reflects the icon's funky personality with heavy make-up, a tranny wardrobe and cartoon-like hair.

Marc Jacobs as Andy Warhol for Interview Magazine

Collaborating with the Andy Warhol Foundation, Diane von Furstenberg designed a 2008 Resort and 2009 pre-Spring Swimwear Collection which feature Warhol's prints. This Spring 2011, Furstenberg will use makeup inspiration from her very own Warhol portrait for her runway models (think bright pink lips).

Victoria Beckham Dresses will also be channeling Warhol's portraits of Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor, using exaggerated eye-opening makeup with a strong liquid line (one can't forget Monroe's signature trademark flick at the outer corners).

Marilyn Monroe Canvas I found in Brighton, England

Warhol was onto something that we still search for today...trying to understand the world of pop culture. We continue to strive for this idea in everything we do; what we watch, listen to, create...and even wear.

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

{Some Like It HOT}

There are times when heat can become almost unbearable. For example, traveling throughout Spain in the late summer with everything you have on your back. Or, at the family 4th of July BBQ when the heat index decides to set a new record in honor of the holiday. Personally, I'm not a fan of excessive heat unless I'm back on Grand Cayman island with crystal clear water in front of me to jump into at any given moment...or if I'm about to devour a jumbo jalapeno.

Stuffed Jalapeños

For someone who isn't a fan of the heat, I practically worship the jalapeno. In my eggs and soup, on my pizza, stuffed with cheese, you name it I've eaten it. I've even tried chocolate jalapeno cookies (the recipe didn't work out so well to say the least).

Best Pizza: Pepperoni & Jalapeño

For those of you who share my love of hot & spicy foods, here are some benefits of eating chili peppers: they help fight migraines/sinus headaches, avidly fight prostate cancer cells, lower high blood pressure, fight inflammation, help burn fat & lose weight, protect your heart, provide loads of vitamin C, and (obviously) warm you right up! So while others are making cookies & pies for holiday comfort food, I will be researching homeade hot sauce recipes and anything related to jalopies :-)

Cornbread with Jalapeño

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Saturday, November 13, 2010


When I think of Christmas, a lot of things come to mind: white lights, gingerbread houses, caroling, the smell of fresh pine...and MAC cosmetics. Before you judge, let me explain. It is this time of year that my mother raids the MAC counter for their holiday collection...and I am one happy lady on Christmas day. Every winter season the company comes out with a newly inspired collection...and just when you thought plaid was only fit for private school uniforms, think again. This year's theme is "A Tartan Tale" (or in my opinion, Hogwarts meets Viva La Glam) where colors and patterns collide for a seductive but still dignified look. If you're having trouble with your holiday wish list (highly doubtful) then check out these great gift sets...let your feminine prissy side run wild picking out quality products that will last until next Christmas (or beyond).

Friday, November 12, 2010

{Make It Personal}

After traveling, I often find it somewhat stressful to go through the hundreds of pictures I have taken while away. Which one's do I want to print out? When will I find the time to scrapbook? Wouldn't it be fantastic to create a calendar out of these memories?! Well, thanks to online sites like snapfish and shutterfly, I have created my own photo books, calendars & posters on a whim! With the holidays quickly approaching, skip the long lines at the mall & go for a more personal touch. These sites offer great deals (so join the mailing list & keep an eye out) on just about everything...and they literally let you design just about anything. You'll have fun creating such a unique gift and even more fun giving it to someone you care about (unless of course, this is all for you ;-)

Let the creative juices flow!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

{Skip the KEY, Add a CHAIN}

I love creative jewelry. I am also a fan of adorable key chains that stores like Coach sell. So here I go exposing one of my favorite best kept secrets. This past summer, I fell in love with this nautical bangle and had to have it...I also quickly discovered that there was a matching key chain! I realized (or was it my resourceful mother?) that I would like to wear the fantastic charms from the key chain on my person rather than on my handbag. Time to break out the pliers. From a box of unused jewelry, I found a silver rope chain that had been a no use to me before gift and started construction. After my experiment was over, I was sold. I have since created two more necklaces using similar key chain charms and love the fact that they are one-of-a-kind pieces. Can't justify dishing out green for pricier key chains? Hint: outlets rock.

Pre-experiment keyrings:
Nautical Inspiration
Just drop the key ring & add a chain!

Breast Cancer Awareness Inspiration
Make it a gift!

Have fun with your jewelry!

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Monday, November 8, 2010

{What the Fuzz?!}

My mother is many things. A lifesaver is definitely one of them. She always ends up surprising me with the littlest things that sometimes make a world of difference; how do our mother's know just what kinds of trinkets we are in need of? As part of a college care package, my mom once sent me an assortment of girly products...lipgloss, a comb, hair products, lotion...and a fabric shaver? Superb! With the winter months facing us, many of us will don sweaters and slacks that not only attract lint, but those fuzzy fur balls we try and pull off while running out the door. Save yourself time and aggravation by keeping a fabric shaver handy. This is definitely a product I cannot go without!

Perfect for On-the-Go!

Friday, November 5, 2010

{For the Love of Cheese and Wine}

While making a new mediterranean recipe last night, my sweetheart eloquently summed up his feelings about this new blog: "Are you just going to write about clothes?" Well, dear, considering it has been about a week...and the fact that this is a mostly feminine website...hold on to your big boy pants because I haven't had a chance to mention other loves of mine yet. Other loves being: traveling, eating and drinking delicious concoctions. More specifically: traveling abroad, eating scrumptious cheeses & trying new wines. If I can have all three, then I'm in heaven...which brings me back to last year when my sweetheart & I had a picnic by the Eiffel Tower and watched the sun go down while divulging in French bread, cheese and wine.

Essentially, I am a big wine & cheese buff and, since we all can't just go traipsing around Europe whenever we feel like it, I highly recommend trying out a local winery for tastings if you're in need of something new and fun to do. Marylanders: for a decent hike followed by a wine tasting, try Sugarloaf Mountain Vineyard. For a winery that hosts tours daily (and a place I'd love to host an event) try Boordy Vineyards. Or just refer here for a list of local wineries! Try hosting your own wine (& cheese) party, spontaneously buy a new wine (come on you white wine drinkers, try a red!) or attend a local wine event. For all of you non-drinkers...I can dig a cheese party ;-)

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

{Obsessed with Outerwear}

Fall. The time of year when hot apple cider, carving pumpkins, warm scarves and fashionable boots come to mind. It's also the time of year when we pick out stylish jackets and coats to cover up for all of the delicious holiday treats we are about to eat consume downright inhale. I am a fanatic about outerwear, but more importantly, I have two pieces that I believe are closet essentials: a classic trench coat & a brightly colored winter coat. A trench coat shouldn't be fussy or overly-ornamented, but rather a minimally detailed jacket in beige or black. Trench coats work well with virtually any outfit, are lightweight and can be accessorized for any occasion. Why the bright coat? Well, I will always love a natural, navy or black coat but to spice things up, a cotton/wool coat in a rich red, plum, gold or green tweed is definitely an attention grabber. A bright coat in the winter months stands out and adds that pop factor some of us need in the chilly months.

Michael Kors Double-Breasted Trench Coat
Favorite outlet find of 2010!

Similar to the coat I found there last year!

Inspiration Board!

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Monday, November 1, 2010

{Wear Your Philanthropy}

The moment I saw Blake Mycoskie on the second season of the Amazing Race my heart literally skipped a beat. Adorable. While visiting Argentina on the show, Blake discovered that numerous children (and people in general) were without shoes. This caused several easily avoidable problems, including foot disease and lack of education for the children who could not attend school without footwear. After a heart-breaking loss that left Blake & his sister in second place on the show, he returned to Argentina and decided to start a for-profit company out of California that would design an Alpargata inspired shoe; for every pair sold, another pair would be donated to a child in need.

Marry me Blake? This genius "One for One" mentality enabled Blake to return later that year with his newly assembled staff and "drop" 10,000 shoes for Argentinian children. Today, numerous "shoe drops" are made possible by TOMS shoes. I'm still a little jealous my sister got to meet Blake and win 10 free pairs of Toms, but I am so glad this company me, there is nothing nicer than throwing a pair of these on when you're in need of a comfy shoe!