Sunday, November 28, 2010

{Just A Broadway Baby}

It's officially evening in New York City. You've just finished a delicious meal at Bubba Gump Shrimp & Co. and are partaking in all of the pop and circumstance of Times Square. The crowds, the bright lights, the flashing cameras and noisy cabs...and you haven't even made it to your show yet. You find your way through the hustle and bustle of this intriguing city when you spot it: the theatre entrance. Before you know it, you step into a whole new world of theatrical sensation. Like being caught up in a whirlwind, you're swept off into a new dimension of art that even the guy next to you can't get over.

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If you haven't experienced Broadway yet, you need to understand 3 things: 1) it's about time you do, 2) you can get up to 50% off ticket prices here, and 3) you can make it all happen on a cheaper budget than you think. I've grown up going to Broadway shows and have done the whole shabang: from having a limo escort to an evening show to catching a matinee after wondering the city all day to testing out an off-broadway production. I've even had the luxury of sprinting across town in a dress with my dinner in hand to see Wicked (thanks to our bus being late); the show made up for it though, ten-fold. Research the shows, choose your seats wisely, set a budget for your trip and make it happen! Tip: for half the cost of staying in downtown Manhatten, you can stay a 15-20 minute (direct-to-Port Authority) bus ride over the Jersey line at a hotel that offers a stop out front. Sounding better and better? If you're going to do NYC in all of its glory...give my regards to Broadway.

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