Wednesday, December 1, 2010

{A Bright(er) Sight}

Is it just me, or is the wardrobe color range in the cold months a collage of white, grey & black? When the warmth of summer leaves us, I often find that we tend to stick to the grayscale. Well, I don't mind being a part of this trend as long as I bring a little something more to the table. For example: a bright eyeliner or scarf. Now, I am a lover of all things natural when it comes to makeup (I am still apologizing to my skin for my teenage abuse). I stick to a light powder, mostly shades of brown for my eyes and pink glosses for my lips. However, why not spice up a grey pantsuit or little black dress with a bright eyeliner? A gold, teal or baby purple can add a subtle hint of color that is delicate yet bold. As for the scarf, there is nothing I love more than adding a bright addition to my office attire; today, my American Apparel turquoise wrap is just what I needed on such a cold, rainy day.

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MAC Glitter Eyeliner Set (2009)

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