Tuesday, March 29, 2011

{Fabulous in Floral}

Come on, Spring! You are such a tease. I've never seriously considered moving to sunny California more in my entire life. I love you, East Coast...but I'm about to bid farewell to you & yours for a little while. I am very ready to be in 24/7 dress mode...and my brain has been focused on floral fashion recently:

My Easter Dress!
(I have already fallen in love with this collection; my credit card, not so much)

(Pop Factor: bright belts worn properly!)

(Love the sheer, casual look)

(Dress with pockets = always a winner)

(I'll take the legs with the dress, please)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

{Stay Classy, Elizabeth}

Today, I mourn the loss of a starlet...the most emotional I've been about the passing of a celebrity since Michael Jackson. I'm not quite sure why I'm so sad, because I've never really been an obsessed fan...but, it's Elizabeth Taylor...enough said. At 79, dearest Dame Elizabeth has left us to join the ranks of angels...and I imagine when she walked through those pearly gates she did so with a strut, a flashy smile & a fabulous scent.

"Nobody tells me who to love, or not to love, who to be seen with and who not to be seen with"

An actress since she was a child, Elizabeth Taylor was known for being one of the world's most beautiful women, a lover of weddings, a fashion icon, a perfumist & so on. She survived many personal struggles, was known for raising AIDS awareness, nabbed five Oscar nominations & won two, and was as colorful in her personal life as she was in her professional life.

"My Mother says I didn't open my eyes for eight days when I was born but when I did, the first thing I saw was an engagement ring. I was hooked."

Elizabeth Taylor (she actually didn't like to be called Liz) is one of the most photographed women in history and holds the record for the most appearances on the cover of Life magazine (eleven) and People magazine (fourteen). One of the things that stands out about Elizabeth is her love of jewelry...diamonds, anyone? She acquired one of the greatest private jewelry collections in the world, and was known to be creative with her pieces. 

"Big girls need big diamonds."

"When people say 'She's got everything,' I've got an answer - I haven't had tomorrow."

 "I'm a survivor. I'm a living example of what people can go through and survive."

Stay classy, Elizabeth.

All Quotes Credited to Elizabeth Taylor
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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

{Fashion Aid}

In one of my earliest posts, I wrote about wearing your philanthropy with the example of TOMS shoes. Now, with the news of the devastating tsunami that has taken Japan by brute force...there are other opportunities to not only give, but also to wear your donation...

On March 11th, a massive earthquake hit the Pacific Ocean nearby Northeastern Japan, causing damage with blackouts, fire and tsunami.

Several individuals and organizations have begun to support relief efforts for this disaster, including many in the fashion world. Lady Gaga has just designed a $5 tsunami relief "We Pray For Japan" bracelet available for purchase on her website, with all proceeds being donated to Japan.

Show your support for Japan with this wristband!

Uniqlo, a fashion community based out of Japan, is donating over $20 million to the Japanese Red Cross Society (both in cash and in clothing) as well as setting up donation boxes in its stores.

A new-style Japanese firm making good casual clothes available for all to wear.

Though this catastrophe is recent, it would be no surprise to see more of the fashion world gathering together in support of Japan. Many of us saw a huge support in "Fashion for Haiti," and, due to the fact that Japan's Fashion Week was supposed to kick-off next week, many in the industry will be affected by this tragedy.

There are many other organizations that are raising awareness and funds for Japan. Not all of us know where its best to donate or have much to give, but prayers are very much needed and cost nothing! For many of us, Japan may be out of sight...but don't let it be out of mind

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

{chaTEAu reCUPeration}

It is a rainy, gloomy, don't-want-to-get-out-of-bed kind of day here in Baltimore. And in spite of my best efforts to feel sassy (a.k.a donning a leopard jacket, black heels and french-braiding my hair), I just want to go home, throw on a cotton t-shirt & sweatpants, and crawl back into bed with my current guilty pleasure:

To top off this gloriously dismal day, my stomach is a little achy. Trust me when I tell you that I have been numero uno when it comes to being the happy-go-lucky, positive and affirming one in my office recently. It seems all I've been listening to is complaining these past couple of days...so the rain really isn't helping my case at the moment. However, I'm not forgetting to count the many blessings in my life...because all I see are clear skies ahead and good things to come:

"Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own." Matthew 6:34

Despite the cold or the elements, there is one thing that helps soothe me: a cup of tea. The staple of my "food cabinet" (it literally is a mini pantry) is green tea. Some are avid coffee drinkers; I drink green tea second only to water. Give it to me straight, no milk or sugar...with a little Adele or Frou Frou playing on my Pandora in the background.

Ahhh it keeps me going. Who doesn't love a little revitalization in a cup? I like trying new flavors of tea and love the idea of creating my very own tea box. I started looking into some ideas for how to store tea's in my cabinet. Since it's starting to look like Tupperware took over, I want to add a little pop to the way I store my food:

I love the idea of a personalized tea box!

Another fun way to stock up on your favorite tea flavors!

I love the pattern/colors that make this tea box so unique!

I'm starting to think I want to host a tea party. In fact, I will be attending one very soon! I love how many cultures partake in drinking tea as a common way of socializing. Why don't Americans do more of this?! (FYI: I am in no way supporting the "tea party" movement; but I am supporting the idea of drinking more tea :) No, it doesn't need to revolve around older women wearing fancy hats and drinking out of small teacups with their pinky fingers sticking out...but don't even pretend like you don't secretly want to put on pearls & eat finger sandwiches with your girlfriends.

Out with the old...

...in with the new...

...and then some!

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Monday, March 7, 2011

{Whip My Hair}

How many of you sometimes wake up in the morning with flat or day-old hair and really don't have time to jump in the shower and give it the attention it needs? How many of you (like me) throw some baby powder on your oily roots and convince yourself that no one will notice that it looks like your hair is going white and/or smells like a baby? Well...I have been around this block a time or two and continued to forget to add "buy dry shampoo" to my to-do list...until a visit to Victoria's Secret and a handy dandy gift card convinced me to test it out:

Just a few spritzes on the oily areas & voila! It works like a charm & smells fabulous! A no-rinse powder formula to get rid of excess oil and revive my hair? Yes, please! My rational for buying a can of dry shampoo also included the notion that I could attempt more mid-day classes at my gym without feeling like I need to follow-up with a full blown shower. The easier, the better. In fact, I still do not understand why I didn't buy dry shampoo months ago! A few other brands that look promising:

Test out a couple of different types of aerosol or non-aerosol dry shampoo's to see which one works out best for you! I personally like to take evening showers and try not to wash my hair every day in order to keep it healthier...so now if I need a quick fix in the morning or while I'm on-the-go I've got it covered!

Hasta la vista bad hair days!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

{The Good Ship Lollipop}

One of my potential dream careers would probably revolve around being an event planner. I love a good shindig...and my detail-oriented self would probably be perfect for this job if it didn't completely take over my weekends. However, I am definitely ready to host a dinner party or help throw an event at a moment's notice!

Last night, my family & I went out for crabs in celebration of my momma's birthday! So what if it was only February...only the best meal for the best mother :-) While we were eating, one of the waitresses had taken over a table in the back of the restaurant and was creating all sorts of goodies for a baby shower. Her ideas were not only adorable and creative but also very affordable! I instantly started thinking about the next big event my family will be hosting...my baby brother's high school graduation! One thing led to another...and images of a "blue and yellow" themed candy station popped into my head. Something along these lines:

Ever since I discovered who Amy Atlas was, I have been in love with the idea of candy stations for parties! They are fun, eye-catching & delicious. Are you getting inspired? You can bet I will probably be showcasing one of these at my wedding...and possibly every other big event I host. So when my mom & I visited Hobby Lobby the other night, I was instantly drawn to these items:

Candy stations are a great way to add that pop factor to your event. They are the perfect accent to your decor & let's face it...who doesn't like a sweet treat? Sure, you could spend a fortune having an event planner create a table for you...or you could have fun making one yourself! Showcase an assortment of goodies that are all a shade of your favorite color or that go along with a theme and get jiggy with it:

Go Green!

Bold & Bright

Carnival Creation

If anyone out there is interested in creating one of these fabulous tables and wants some help...let me know! I would love to have an excuse to put one of these together. I've already got a few ideas and tricks up my sleeve. Don't have much of a sweet tooth? Try fruits & veggies!

Now this is where it's at...

Images via Amy Atlast Events