Monday, November 1, 2010

{Wear Your Philanthropy}

The moment I saw Blake Mycoskie on the second season of the Amazing Race my heart literally skipped a beat. Adorable. While visiting Argentina on the show, Blake discovered that numerous children (and people in general) were without shoes. This caused several easily avoidable problems, including foot disease and lack of education for the children who could not attend school without footwear. After a heart-breaking loss that left Blake & his sister in second place on the show, he returned to Argentina and decided to start a for-profit company out of California that would design an Alpargata inspired shoe; for every pair sold, another pair would be donated to a child in need.

Marry me Blake? This genius "One for One" mentality enabled Blake to return later that year with his newly assembled staff and "drop" 10,000 shoes for Argentinian children. Today, numerous "shoe drops" are made possible by TOMS shoes. I'm still a little jealous my sister got to meet Blake and win 10 free pairs of Toms, but I am so glad this company me, there is nothing nicer than throwing a pair of these on when you're in need of a comfy shoe!

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