Monday, January 30, 2012

{Put Your High Beams On}

Today, I am loving...

High Beam Highlighter
by Benefit

I've been wanting to use something different on my cheeks other than a bronzer or blush during the daytime, so after reading a few blog reviews on this highlighter, I went ahead and picked it up at the mall. I'm not one who wants to dish out a lot of green on a product I don't already know works wonders (read those reviews, people!) so I'm glad to have had an in. I love it!

If you want to add a subtle glow with a pinch of color to your day look, I think this a great choice. Now, I don't know how versatile this product is on all skin types (I naturally have pink undertones so this highlighter compliments my skin) but I would recommend testing it out at Sephora! It's also great along the brow bone!

I'm starting to become a big fan of this company!

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Friday, January 27, 2012

{The Walls I've Built}

Over a year ago, I decided to write a poem. I have never been one to write poetry, but the words simply came to me and I was compelled to write about the emotion I felt welling inside. I just rediscovered it while going through personal files and realized, as I read, that in some strange way I had written a poem in the past that would speak to my present life. Sometimes timing is everything. I am a little nervous to share it publicly, but I think that perhaps it may speak to some of you as well. Enjoy.

The walls I’ve built are strong, durable, lasting...

They are made up of a mortar of expectations.
They are glued together with piercing doubts.
They reach the heights of my dreams.
They are unmoving.
I am a slave to these walls.
I have built them, slow and steady, brick by brick.
I have detached myself from the present to focus on these walls; my protection in the future.
I tell myself they will surround me when I need them most.
They will protect me from hurt.
They will block pain & suffering.
They are my most treasured project, these walls.
I have been faithful to them and they have been faithful to me.
I have put more time into these walls than most other things.
I think of them every day.
They: my expectations and my doubts, unwavering.
But as the years press on, my walls have aged.
Cracks are now visible.
Rationalization seeps through, slowly.
Pain now enters.
My expectations are being invaded.
My doubts are being challenged.
This was not supposed to happen.
I built these walls; they are supposed to be my most trusted companion.
But now they are failing me.
The light is visible from within.
It hurts my heart.
The ache is almost unbearable.
I can no longer stay within the confines I have built for myself.
I must be free.
I need to be free.
They begin to crumble, layer by layer.
So I climb with every ounce of strength I have and find my way to the other side.
Hope begins to form in front of me.
I ask forgiveness of myself.
I ask forgiveness from the heap of stone behind me.
I have now found peace.

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

{Neon Lights}

Accessorize yourself with...

Neon Accents

It's been awhile since I've rambled about how wonderful it is to add a pop of color to your wardrobe, your living space, and most importantly: your life. Let's just call it having a "pop life." I'm currently enjoying neon accents and accessories, whether it be earrings, nail polish, a tote bag or painting. At the end of the day, neon makes a vibrant statement. It's really an attention whore, if you ask me, because no matter where you place neon, it gets noticed. Not only is it fun to add a bright color to any situation, it's a little daring...and I have a feeling my spring wardrobe will be showcasing some new neon statement pieces. Let's just say I'm finding my inner child more and more every day :)

Pop Life
Pop Life by Chateau de Victoria

"She comes and she goes,
She's slipping through my hands,
She's always buzzing just like, 

-John Mayer

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

{Restaurant Week 2012}

Indulge in...

Restaurant Week

I think my ultimate dream job would be to travel the world in order to try new foods and then brag (via blog, of course) about which ones I like most. But I wouldn't stop there. Oh no no. I'd also want to travel the world in order to try new wines and then brag even more about how amazing my job is. So what exactly am I doing working for the government? Good question. But I gotta start somewhere! So I'll go ahead and kick off my passion for indulging in the finest foods with Baltimore's Winter Restaurant Week 2012!

DC's phenomenal week of wining and dining has ended and now it's Baltimore's turn to provide us with awesome deals and fabulous meals. Who doesn't want to snag a $15 two-course lunch or $30 three-course dinner at an over-priced-but-highly-delicious eatery? Check out the list of participating restaurants and treat yourself for a price you can't refuse at a place you've never been before. If you're not from the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area, look online for the dates of your nearest city's restaurant week & book your reservations! Here are a few possible Baltimore jackpots I'm interested in...Bon Appetit!

"Nothing would be more tiresome than eating and drinking if God had not made them a pleasure as well as a necessity." 

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Friday, January 6, 2012

{Girls Just Wanna Have Fun...and Maybe Some Boys Too}

Today, I am loving...

Gifted Goodies

Now that Christmas is over, it appears my room has turned into a mini Sephora...but I'm still waiting for my makeup artist to show up. You know, that fabulously manicured individual whose bright makeup causes you to jump back at first sight until you realize no! this isn't the circus, this is just how much fun you can have with cosmetics! Well, it appears my fabulously flamboyant artist is a no-show. However, I am enjoying some my new gifts. Perhaps I can even open up my own nail salon now that I have filled an entire rack with nail polishes. I think my wallet might come to life and yell at me for my recent nail obsession. Does it matter that I get them on sale? No? Oh are some products I recommend trying out:

I mostly stick to neutrals, so this palette rocks with a wide variety of colors to choose from! I really like the eyelid primer that came with it also; my eye makeup doesn't smudge one bit!

A light spritz of this rose water before you walk out the door both hydrates your skin & keeps your makeup fresh.

Amazing colors. Absolutely love.

It really does minimize the appearance of pores. Great for the nose & chin!

Did I mention I have an obsession? My friend's a cosmetologist. Discounts, my friend.

I'm not the biggest fan of primers, but I've been pleasantly pleased...goes on smooth and does a relatively good job at providing a smooth canvas.

This won't be leaving my side for a long while...wonderful moisturizer. And that is coming from someone who suffers from chronic chapped lips.

This mud mask is fabulous. FABULOUS.
Only 10 minutes for the smoothest skin. Try it.

I've recently begun to wear a little eyeliner...and I really like playing with hues of blue. MAC has a wide variety of colors and they last forever.

I had this cleanser in travel size over the summer and was quite pleased with how well it treated my skin, even in the worst conditions. It's hard to pick a cleanser that suits you, but this one is gentle and doesn't dry you out. I'm saving it for the summer months!

“I don't believe makeup and the right hairstyle alone can make a woman beautiful. The most radiant woman in the room is the one full of life and experience.” -Sharon Stone

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