Tuesday, March 1, 2011

{The Good Ship Lollipop}

One of my potential dream careers would probably revolve around being an event planner. I love a good shindig...and my detail-oriented self would probably be perfect for this job if it didn't completely take over my weekends. However, I am definitely ready to host a dinner party or help throw an event at a moment's notice!

Last night, my family & I went out for crabs in celebration of my momma's birthday! So what if it was only February...only the best meal for the best mother :-) While we were eating, one of the waitresses had taken over a table in the back of the restaurant and was creating all sorts of goodies for a baby shower. Her ideas were not only adorable and creative but also very affordable! I instantly started thinking about the next big event my family will be hosting...my baby brother's high school graduation! One thing led to another...and images of a "blue and yellow" themed candy station popped into my head. Something along these lines:

Ever since I discovered who Amy Atlas was, I have been in love with the idea of candy stations for parties! They are fun, eye-catching & delicious. Are you getting inspired? You can bet I will probably be showcasing one of these at my wedding...and possibly every other big event I host. So when my mom & I visited Hobby Lobby the other night, I was instantly drawn to these items:

Candy stations are a great way to add that pop factor to your event. They are the perfect accent to your decor & let's face it...who doesn't like a sweet treat? Sure, you could spend a fortune having an event planner create a table for you...or you could have fun making one yourself! Showcase an assortment of goodies that are all a shade of your favorite color or that go along with a theme and get jiggy with it:

Go Green!

Bold & Bright

Carnival Creation

If anyone out there is interested in creating one of these fabulous tables and wants some help...let me know! I would love to have an excuse to put one of these together. I've already got a few ideas and tricks up my sleeve. Don't have much of a sweet tooth? Try fruits & veggies!

Now this is where it's at...

Images via Amy Atlast Events


  1. I saw your post on 20SB. I recently went to a wedding with a great candy station (looked a lot like the first picture with the blue candy). Everyone loved it!

  2. yummmm i love the candy station idea. i have this dream that i will force one of my future children to have a willy wonka themed party...just so i could have an amazing candy station. horrible parenting tactics aside...how cool would the pedestal jar vase be with a colorful cocktail inside?! YUM!

  3. Ohhh I l-o-v-e that idea! I dig the willy wonka themed party...but since I'm far away from having kids, maybe an adult version for now ;-) I can only imagine the shenanigans that will ensue....

  4. LOVE the idea of a candy station!! cheaper than flowers and also more modern/youthful!!

  5. Candy Stations are such a great idea. One of my best girlfriends got married a year ago and had one for her wedding. It was so cute and had a winter theme to it. They also had chocolate bars with special "Joey and Erin" wrappers for the place settings. Adorable <3