Friday, February 25, 2011

{Liquid Lust}

Happy Friday! Is it just me or has this week flown by? Busy, busy, busy! I just have to say a huge thank you to friends & acquaintances alike that have stopped me recently to tell me how much they love reading this blog! It is great to check out the thousands of hits the blog has received & know that my personal "escape" is liked & admired by others. Thanks for the encouragement!

Well, I am fast approaching my one year anniversary at my gym...and I must say I have learned a little more about myself. I discovered my love for classes such as pilates, spin, core strength training & the occasional cardio craze class, my undying love for the medicine & Pilate's balls, how a good/long stretch sesh literally calms me down & how I still hate to run (big surprise!).

I've never been one to torture myself over not going to the gym, but I do think at least 3 days a week should be designated for some type of exercise. I do not claim to be a gym goddess, but I do love the feeling after a good workout...even if it's at home or outside. When the warmer months hit, the gym often takes a backseat to hiking, canoeing, nature adventures, etc. In my opinion, exercise should be fun & not turn into a restraint in our lives. Do what you can, when you can...but remember that your body matters!

I have the same feelings towards food: keep a healthy mindset, but let yourself enjoy eating! Just because you order a salad doesn't mean it's necessarily healthier than the other meals on the menu you're smart about your food & educate yourself on what is & isn't a positive for your body. Don't focus solely on what not to'll drive yourself insane! There are so many resources for healthy recipes (lately I've been loving's recipes) and hundreds of blogs devoted to healthy eats! Which brings me to today...good ole' Friday...when many of us will go out for happy hour or out over the weekend to celebrate our hard work this week.

Be careful! I know those happy hour specials look awesome but remember...the higher the alcohol content often means the higher the calorie content. I have known a few females in my lifetime that have obsessed over their diet to the point of watching every single meal they ate...just to go out on the weekends and drink away the calories they saved during the week. Drinks can be tricky: watch out for the mixers, syrups & soda's that (when added to a spirit) can more than double the calorie content of a drink. Alternate between alcoholic & non-alcoholic drinks, choose a light wine or beer, mix cocktails with water/club soda/natural juices or skip the mixer altogether if you're trying to watch your liquid diet. A few popular cocktails I love are:

Mojitos: These minty cocktails are naturally low in calories. Just ask the bartender to go easy on the syrup.

Champagne: A drink favored by runway models, it's a good option and will save you extra sugary calories.

Sangria: The fresh fruit adds a healthy dose of vitamins and fiber. If you opt for the red variety, it has the added benefit of artery-protecting flavonoids.

Bloody Mary: Tomato juice provides the good-for-you antioxidant, Lycopene, and the spices may help rev up your metabolism.

Classic Martini: Since they're 100% liquor, they are naturally lower in calories.

Life is short. Indulge a little. Don't let exercise or dieting get in the way of your happiness...but live a healthy lifestyle knowing that you are treating your body with the best of intentions. We don't need to be carrying precious cargo to realize this...we ARE precious cargo! Hope you all have a fabulous weekend :-)

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  1. Ohhhh Mojitos are my favourite! So happy to see them on your list!

  2. I also love Mojitos. Went to spain one summer and came back with a whole new appreciation for the drink.

    Thanks for all of the tips for watching calories while drinking. Especially useful to a newly 21 year old like me. :)

  3. I know ladies, aren't mojito's delicious! Even without the alcohol...the minty drink is so refreshing :)

    Welcome to the wonderful world of being 21!