Tuesday, March 29, 2011

{Fabulous in Floral}

Come on, Spring! You are such a tease. I've never seriously considered moving to sunny California more in my entire life. I love you, East Coast...but I'm about to bid farewell to you & yours for a little while. I am very ready to be in 24/7 dress mode...and my brain has been focused on floral fashion recently:

My Easter Dress!
(I have already fallen in love with this collection; my credit card, not so much)

(Pop Factor: bright belts worn properly!)

(Love the sheer, casual look)

(Dress with pockets = always a winner)

(I'll take the legs with the dress, please)


  1. i am obsessed with floral too! unfortunately i have forbid myself from buying more things here in germany because i'll end up having to pay a huge fee for extra baggage when i go home :( i hope i can hold out until june!

  2. ahh me too! i've been adding more prints/florals to my wardrobe as of recent. cute dress picks! i really like the last one, quite romantic.

    are you really moving to the west coast? i live in the bay area and the weather isn't always pretty here, it's about 70% foggy/cold throughout the year. but LA and southern cali is definitely a lot warmer.


  3. Hayley - my heart goes out to you! haha it is so hard not to give in...but you can do it :) At least you have more things to look forward to when you come home to the US!

  4. Fae - If & when I move, it will probably be to a warmer part of California...but a few trips to test out where I can actually see myself living are in order! There are a few graduate programs I am interested in out there...decisions, decisions :)

  5. I have honestly looked at everyone of these dresses within the last 2 weeks! Can't wait for Spring shopping when I get home!

  6. Love the Forever 21 Flower Chiffon Dress. The beauty of living in Maldives is that we can wear dresses all year long. Enjoy your spring with awesome dresses :)

  7. Erin - I know! My credit card really wants to cut itself up by now...I'm already lining up my spring shopping spree :)

    Amynabi - I'm jealous you can wear dresses all year long! I cannot wait to visit the Maldives...it is so beautiful :)

  8. I Love Love LOVE the LC dress. I may just make that my Easter dress too!
    It is just perfect!

    Cute blog!

  9. Hey girl! Thanks so much for your sweet comment on 20sb :) So sorry it took so long to get back to you, things have been crazy and I hadn't been on there in two months. I'm now following you! All of these dresses are so pretty, and I LOVE Lauren's style. She always looks so effortlessly put together.

  10. Carly - You should get it! It is adorable on :)Thanks for the sweet compliment <3

    Rach - That's alright! Yes, if I could be in LC's shoes for a day (or year) it wouldn't hurt my feelings :)