Tuesday, April 5, 2011

{Lovely Lacquer: Part II}

One of the positives of knowing a cosmetologist is the ability to go to select beauty supply stores where her special license is necessary to make a purchase. An added bonus is that these stores carry newer products at a discounted rate you just can't beat. So, since we are heading into flip flop season...I came up with the somewhat legitimate excuse to go on a shopping spree for my nails. To say I landed in OPI Heaven is an understatement; my friend's little 5 year old and I had a blast picking out nail polishes & creams...and even after filling up our basket & checking out, I had to force myself to leave the store before I could turn around and pick out anything else.

A Few Favorites of the Day:
Do You Lilac It?

Lucky Lucky Lavender

In the Spotlight - Pink

Charged Up Cherry

Mani/Pedi Cucumber Massage

So long dry cuticles, crusty nail polish & debating what color to use at your mani/pedi appointment! For a few bucks a pop, my nail color collection is expanding rapidly. Perhaps my newfound supply of nail care products will lead to something bigger...say, Chateau de Victoria: Nail Care Spa? Okay okay, I'll quit while I'm ahead...but if you're looking for a great deal on nail products (or beauty products in general), ask around to see if you know someone who can help you save! No one needs to dish out lots of green for the little things in life that pamper us :)

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  1. Love the Lilac! Looked wonderful in the bottle and even more lovely on your nails ;)
    Shop smart & save. Excellent advice, sweetheart.

  2. Oh, what would I do without you :)

  3. Ahem, when will you be taking me to this select beauty shop!?!?


  4. Love lilac nail polish! So springy!

  5. Natascha - When will you be joining me?! Love you more!! :)

    Cadi - Lilac is an amazing color on! I think it wins for best nail polish choice of spring 2011 :)

  6. totally agreed, my mom is a hairdresser so i get the benefits of taking her to the store to grab supplies. =) love lilac as a nail color.


  7. Love your blog! Those dresses in the last post are too cute, I want them all. And Something Blue is one of my favorite quick reads as well. I brought it with me on a trip, and I don't think I've been so engrossed in a book in a long time! Happy to be your newest follower. Here is my blog if you want to check it out
    If you enjoy it, I'd love if you follow back ;)

  8. Fae - How convenient! I'm afraid if my momma had dibs on beauty supplies I would no longer be as good at saving money :-p

    Abby - Thanks! I'll have to check out your blog ;)

    Jessica - You gotta get it!