Monday, November 22, 2010

{Candid Clutch}

"What's in your wallet?" That's not the typical question that comes to my mind. Rather, "where did you get that fantastic wallet?!" I am a lover of handbags and accessories, but I love a good wallet that can stand alone. On my last trip to London, I visited Harrods (visited is the key word here, because unless you have hundreds of dollars to drop on a're going to be practicing the art of window shopping my friend) and spotted a glorious apple red wallet. Now, this Marc Jacobs beauty wasn't affordable to me at the time (being a broke college student) but that wallet never did leave my memory. A year later, I was out shopping in Georgetown with my girlfriend and voila! There was my single red wallet smiling back at me with a price tag that read "Listen lady, I've waited all of this time for you to buy me and now that I'm at a price you can't beat you better believe I'm going home with you today." In my opinion, a wallet that serves as the perfect accent to your handbag and as a magnetic clutch all on its own is one worth having.

This holiday, I've got my eye on wallets that sparkle and shine...

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  1. I remember the day you got that fabulous wallet! That was a fun day, and so was this weekend :-)

    <3 you!