Thursday, November 18, 2010

{15 Minutes of Fame}

Today I am channeling my inner Edie Sedgwick: black shift dress, printed tights, leopard print jacket and dangling earrings.

Edie Sedgwick

Forever 21 Leopard Print Jacket (Fall 2007 Collection)

Along with my love of Edie, there is an even greater love for 1960's icon Andy Warhol. I spent hours in college researching, writing about and admiring the work & edgy lifestyle of Warhol. I find it quite interesting how Warhol merged the world of pop culture with high art, drawing intrigue and criticism. Deeming his workspace the 'Silver Factory' and naming his counterparts the 'Superstars,' he was nothing short of a sensational character.

Andy Warhol

His work continues to not only influence the art world but that of fashion as well. In 2007, Levi's and The Andy Warhol Foundation created a clothing collection inspired by Warhol's 'time capsule' artwork and ideas of life, death & religion. For the June/July 2008 issue of Interview magazine (which Andy himself started), Marc Jacobs (my ultimate designer crush) channeled his inner Andy Warhol as a celebration of what would have been the icon's 80th birthday. Jacobs reflects the icon's funky personality with heavy make-up, a tranny wardrobe and cartoon-like hair.

Marc Jacobs as Andy Warhol for Interview Magazine

Collaborating with the Andy Warhol Foundation, Diane von Furstenberg designed a 2008 Resort and 2009 pre-Spring Swimwear Collection which feature Warhol's prints. This Spring 2011, Furstenberg will use makeup inspiration from her very own Warhol portrait for her runway models (think bright pink lips).

Victoria Beckham Dresses will also be channeling Warhol's portraits of Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor, using exaggerated eye-opening makeup with a strong liquid line (one can't forget Monroe's signature trademark flick at the outer corners).

Marilyn Monroe Canvas I found in Brighton, England

Warhol was onto something that we still search for today...trying to understand the world of pop culture. We continue to strive for this idea in everything we do; what we watch, listen to, create...and even wear.

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