Saturday, November 13, 2010


When I think of Christmas, a lot of things come to mind: white lights, gingerbread houses, caroling, the smell of fresh pine...and MAC cosmetics. Before you judge, let me explain. It is this time of year that my mother raids the MAC counter for their holiday collection...and I am one happy lady on Christmas day. Every winter season the company comes out with a newly inspired collection...and just when you thought plaid was only fit for private school uniforms, think again. This year's theme is "A Tartan Tale" (or in my opinion, Hogwarts meets Viva La Glam) where colors and patterns collide for a seductive but still dignified look. If you're having trouble with your holiday wish list (highly doubtful) then check out these great gift sets...let your feminine prissy side run wild picking out quality products that will last until next Christmas (or beyond).


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