Tuesday, January 11, 2011

{Fashion Vault 101}

What are the things I love? Fashion? Shopping? Amazing Deals? Oh yes, how silly of me...I'll take all three! Like I've mentioned before, regular price tags make my credit card cringe & want to cut itself up...so having an "in" on fabulous sales is what my bank account highly approves of. One of my favorite online sites to receive promotions & sales information for is eBay's Fashion Vault. Up to 70% off on some of my favorite designers? Why, yes please!

Rue La La is another one of my top sites, with boutiques offering discounts out the...latest designer handbag ;-)

Bluefly claims it is the "ultimate hook-up for the fashion obsessed" and I think they do a pretty good job, allowing you to view merchandise via your choice of designer.

Of course, there are several online venues that help you find a good deal, in addition to the sale sections of your favorite stores. It never hurts to have the upper-hand on what is currently fabuloso without the jaw-dropping price tag. That said, here's one more morsel for you that I am obsessed with: ideeli! Don't forget to check out the travel section!!

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