Sunday, July 24, 2011

{Detail Yourself}

It seems this summer is all about accessorizing; from bangles to hair wraps, I am totally digging the accentuation of a particular piece of jewelry or eyewear to make an outfit pop. Especially when traveling during the warmer months, it is quite efficient to stick to a small range of clothing (tank tops, skirts, maxi dresses) and make your outfits go the extra mile with a variety of accessories. I remember traveling Europe with a very limited wardrobe supply; what helped make those items of clothing not feel overused or appear the same in every photo wasn't just mixing and matching, but also adding lightweight scarves or jewelry accents. If you're looking to stick to a carry-on bag for your next trip or need a closet refresh, think about adding these simple accessories rather than more apparel:

Wear bangles (or a cuff bracelet) for a bit of shine
(Make yourself jingle with a little color)

Add a bright belt to a top or dress to mix it up
(Loose fitting & comfy is best)

Don a head scarf to spice up your hair
(Who said scarves are only meant to be worn around your neck?)

Keep the time (and your style) with a classy wristwatch
(My favorite outlet find [so far] in 2011!)

Make a statement with an over-sized ring
(A glamorous ring can go a long way)

Protect your eyes with a pair of glasses that compliment you
(Always a wardrobe staple)

Show off your nails with a vibrant color
(These lacquers are f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s)

Sometimes, it's all in the details...

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  1. I love accessories and they are a much cheaper way to change up an outfit! I just purchased some very colorful bracelets from jewelmint and I am excited to put them in an outfit.

  2. I totally agree! Accessories are the perfect way to update/change up any outfit! Stella & Dot has some fabulous stuff out in their new fall line! Check out my blog for my giveaway for some S&D earrings! or at my e-boutique

  3. Melissa - I totally agree! I need to check out jewelmint :) I read about it in a magazine but haven't yet checked them out...

  4. Ashley - I need to check out your giveaway...thanks!