Thursday, August 4, 2011

{If the Shoe Fits}

If you have been reading my blog since its inception, you probably know I like TOMS shoes, love the idea behind TOMS shoes and am in love with its founder, Blake Mycoskie. Trust me when I say I have absolutely no problem taking a pay cut, moving to Santa Monica and working in a cubicle made of plywood if it means being a part of such an awesome company and, obviously, being closer to Blake. (I'm not creepy or anything ;-) So, when I spotted these on a blog I knew they had to be mine:

Image via Style Me Pretty

Note: I get a tad bit grumpy when I do not find quick answers to my questions, so I was very disappointed when I could not find these on the TOMS website. Hence, I went back to the source of the picture and finally discovered that the owner of the shoes actually bought a pair of creme TOMS, some fabrics and her friend made them for her! Pure genius. I love the creativity! Talk about being unique! Isn't it awesome to see the end result of other people's hard work and be motivated to try something new and out of the ordinary?

“Between saying and doing,
many a pair of shoes is worn out.”


  1. those are too cute!!! great find! x

    brittney from

  2. Brittney - I know! I was really looking forward to buying them...but perhaps now I have a Fall project to look forward to :)

  3. I'm so in love with those SHOES! TOO DANG CUTE!

  4. so happy to find and follow you right back:) i agree, tom's is just the best! i've yet to make the leap and purchase them, but they look super comfy. i saw a pair of tom's high heels at a surf shop this summer and just about dropped the cash right then and there! but more importantly, the message and meaning behind the brand is so beautiful!

  5. Cafe.Coffee.Latte - I know! I want to buy them!!

  6. Vintch - The heels are super cute :) Yes, I am in love with TOMS...they just launched an eyewear line: for every pair bought, a person receives either a pair of prescription glasses, cataract surgery, etc. to improve their sight. Talk about a socially responsible company!