Wednesday, October 5, 2011

{Planning Your Life}

Life seems to be getting more cray cray by the I was extremely excited when Sarah from dotmine emailed me and asked if I would like to try out one of their day planners! Cue the hallelujah song. After my initial excitement, I began wondering if I would actually use the planner when my handy dandy iPhone seems to keep my life on track (considering the last time I used a planner was in college). However, I'm officially obsessed.

I'm one of those gals who loves to write things down, plan things out & check things off my to-do I am really loving my day planner. It couldn't come at a nicer time, since I planned a trip this past weekend to NYC, am going to Boston this upcoming weekend and will be traveling to California in the near future. To be able to figure out what is due for work, for travel and for my personal life all in a little book is fabulous.

I not only love that this company was inspired and brought to life by two women (also full-time wives & mothers), but that they offer a variety of planners to suit your personal lifestyle; they have planners geared towards men, women, students, professionals, families, etc. My planner fell under the headings "hers" and "flirty" and is geared towards both aspects of my life. For every week, there is a column labeled "work" and a column labeled "life" for notes, along with an inspirational quote. I also like that the planner has a list of holiday reminders, a section for documenting my favorite doctor/hairstylist/accountant/etc, and example templates to copy & use for daily/weekly/monthly planning.

If you're interested in a planner, it's your lucky month! In honor of October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, dotmine is partnering with the Young Survival Coalition and will be donating 10% of profits and $1 for every new "like" on their Facebook page. They are also offering a 10% discount on their website with code YSC2011. Check out their twitter for more information and/or upcoming deals!

And now I leave you with my planner quote of the week:

"Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans."
-John Lennon

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  1. Jealous! I was in total planner shopping frenzy last month and after deciding I couldn't justify the $50 planner I wanted, I just headed to Target. Sometimes it's tough if you can't see it first.

  2. Dakota - I am quite surprised how much I love this planner myself! I recommend it. Especially since planners usually turn me off because of how easy it is to use your smartphone instead...but clearly think they are still needed :-)