Tuesday, April 24, 2012

{Fly High Free Bird}

Once you start...
...the fun don't stop!

New York City, Boston, California, New Orleans...over the past several months I have been a busy little bee with much on my travel agenda. You know how I do. From weekend getaways to long-term trips, I savor the moments when I can step away from my desk and be in complete and utter wanderlust. Which is why I am beyond excited to share with you my next adventure: in less than a month, I will be flying away from the good 'ole US of A and visiting these fabulous places...

Prague // Czech Republic
What better way to start a EuroTrip than in Prague? I cannot wait to join my sister & other fellow backpackers in this lively city and have some fun!

Budapest // Hungary
I simply have to see this beautiful place for myself :)

Mont St. Michel // France
Thrilled to explore this fascinating medieval town...and somehow managed to reserve the last hotel room available during our stay!

Nice // France
Oh my darling, Southern France...I am all yours for a week...

(and staying in this fabulous apartment...)
Tell me I don't make awesome decisions! Bragging rights are well deserved here, don't you think?

London // England
Joining friends in celebration of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee? Absolutely! I am looking forward to returning to this awesome city and ending my escapade among familiar streets and alongside familiar faces :)

So here's to life's next big adventure!
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It has been almost three years since my last European adventure and I am ready to strap on my backpack and have another go at it! I have no doubt that preparing for this trip will be on my mind over the next few weeks, but I am feeling quite confident that everything will work out as needed. After all, this is the kind of thing I live for...

"We wonder for distraction,
But we travel for fulfillment."
-Hilaire Belloc

Images courtesy of © 2012 Chateau de Victoria and Pinterest


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