Sunday, December 23, 2012

{Glitter Garland}

Do It Yourself...

Glitter Garland

I'm inspired by many DIY projects and like to add my own personal touches to make a craft more "me" and cater to my tastes. However, though I found many adorable phrases and ideas for a homemade garland, this one by Lauren Conrad really struck my fancy. So much so that I had to recreate it! This year has been so wonderful and there is so much to be thankful for...that no matter how many other wordy decor ideas I could think of, "be merry" fully captures how I feel right now. And the glitter was just the icing on the cake! For this project, you will need:

· Cardboard or poster board
· Scissors
· X-ACTO knife
· Spray paint (optional)
· Spray adhesive
· Glitter
· Tape
· Twine or string

Trying to freehand letters on your own can be quite tricky, so in an effort to save time and keep your letters as even in size as possible, use a ruler to divide a piece of cardboard into seven evenly-spaced boxes. Then cut out your letters using scissors. Note: an X-ACTO knife really comes in handy for tough spots!

I went ahead and spray painted my letters a metallic gold to make them as shiny and bold as possible. Once they were completely dry, I applied a layer of spray adhesive and coated each letter with gold glitter.

Once all the letters were dry and any excess glitter had been shaken off, I laid them out according to how I wanted the garland to look. Once I felt it was perfect, I taped string to the back of each letter and voila!

My garland on two different mantels :)

Merry Christmas!
(from my sister, Desiree, and I)

Images courtesy of © 2012 Chateau de Victoria and Pinterest


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