Thursday, December 9, 2010

{Lovely Lacquer}

For the first time in my 23 years of existence, I have long, strong, beautiful nails. My experience with nails is simple: it started with biting them in my younger years to picking them during my long haul of wearing braces (this is an instance when my resourcefulness was not helpful) to just nipping at them when I was bored. However, on my recent trip to the Grand Canyon & Las Vegas this past fall, I was so busy going from one adventure to the next, I simply didn't have time to even glance at my nails...until the end of the trip. When I finally noticed my awful stubs had lovely white tips, I grabbed my sweetheart (and with much enthusiasm) yelled LOOK! I have always envied my grandmother's gorgeous nails (in the best way possible) and the way she has taken care of them all of these years. Now, after kicking my bad habit for good, I have finally reached a point where my nails feel strong enough to indulge in some of winter's fabulous nail lacquers: think metallic, natural, or deep red. The past always finds its way back to the present, and this season metallic nail color has come back in full force. Not an 80's fan? Natural tones like greige (a mix between gray/brown/beige) are being made popular by fashion labels like Chanel on the runways. In the end, one can always rely on a deep, rich red color to pull off a great look...long and stubby nails alike.