Saturday, December 11, 2010

{Missed That Memo}

Jeggings. Why would anyone want to wear a pair of fake jeans that look like they've been sprayed on? That was my initial reaction to the new fad of 2010. When I first saw an ad about jeggings, they looked a lot like this:

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Conan O'Brien

Pre-judgement left me biased and sans jeggings...which I thought was a good thing. Until my recent birthday happened. After fawning over two pairs of beauties in the form of boots, I quickly discovered that my favorite skinny jeans might not cut it anymore. With the one pair of boots coming up mid-calf and quite roomy around the ankles and the other pair coming up to my knee and hugging my leg quite nicely, the jeans ended up either too 'bunchy' or too thick to wear with my new kicks. Fashion Faux Pas. What else popped into my head except for the impossible idea of going straight to the mall and buying a pair of dark jeggings? After trying on my first pair I was sold. Comfortable, stretchy, accent my shape and are mistaken for jeans? Clearly, not all jeggings look alike:

While I am no longer a hater of the jegging I will say two words of possible improvement: higher waistline. The low-riding jean is more often a better idea than a practice for us girls with an actual figure. It tends to be an annoyance when the pants begin to ride lower than anyone in the room its owner prefers.

And so begins my search for a more improved pair of jeggings...


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