Monday, December 13, 2010

{Skin Deep}

I am guilty of having abused the tanning bed in high school and in my early college years. It all stems back to the desire to 'look good' for prom, graduation, a trip to the beach and so on. The 'unlimited month of tanning' specials seemed worth it...but now that I have had one minor surgery I can tell you a different story. There is no doubt that tanning is addicting: the nice warm bed or stand-up booth, the gradually darker skin tone, the smell of oils on your body...until your doctor tells you you're at high risk for skin cancer.

Research Your Area For A Spray Tan Artist!

I realize there are few sunless tanning products available that work without turning you into an oompa loompa but at the same time, take a step back and realize that if you're an avid tanner, you may already be a Snooki look-alike. The test to whether you tan too much is easy: just look at your Facebook pictures. If you are multiple shades darker than those next to you (in both the summer and winter months) and you are a natural whitey, chances are high this is actually not an attractive thing. Your body is (and always will be) more beautiful undamaged; I only wish I had learned this lesson a lot earlier.

I will always love a good natural tan (and I'm sure my days of possible sunburn aren't over yet) but I never want to be caught by the sun again without a good sunscreen on. After almost two years of banning myself from the tanning bed, I can honestly say that the time & money I spent wasn't worth it. The tan always fades but the damage never will.

Treasure Your Skin Before It's Too Late!

No matter how light or dark your skin is, sun damage causes your skin to lose its elasticity, wrinkle, change color, and, in the worst scenario, threaten your life. Save your potentially natural tanning days (you'll still get a tan with spf 50 on!) for when you are snorkeling in the Bahamas or surfing in Hawaii, because we all know a fake baker when we see one...and it isn't a good thing.

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