Wednesday, December 29, 2010

{Passionate for Perfume}

Since the times of ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt, the art of making perfumes has continued to be further refined...sometimes for better and for worse. Perfume is very interesting to me; I once read in a magazine that you should think of perfume as a musical metaphor: top, middle & base notes. As I remember it, the initial scent from the application are the top notes which quickly fade. When the main body of the perfume starts to mask the initial scent, you experience the middle notes, followed by the remaining rich scent which make up the base notes. Who wouldn't remember something so quirky? Perfume can be a fickle thing; on the one hand, when worn properly, it can give us a pleasant smell but, when abused, can be obtrusive to our nasal passages. For some, perfume represents individuality; it is a trademark of a person's daily beauty routine. For others, perfume is irritable or simply non-useful, as the applied scent doesn't linger long enough to be desired. In my opinion, the wearing of perfume is an expression in & of itself; a scent represents an attitude, whether it be bold, sensual, carefree, etc. Perfume can be a powerful mechanism; at a moment's notice, its scent can flood a person with memories, images & emotions that render them defenseless for an instant in time. As Christian Dior put it: "A woman's perfume tells more about her than her handwriting."

A Few of My Favorites:

Favorite of Summer 2010

Favorite of Fall/Winter 2010

Just got for Spring 2011!


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