Thursday, January 6, 2011

{Trendy Turquoise}

I am in love with turquoise. Some people collect coins, stamps, china...I want to collect turquoise jewelry. My first experience with these stones was when I was a kid, admiring the many pieces of jewelry my great-grandparents donned when visiting from New Mexico. Wearing turquoise is quite different than many other stones...those who truly wear it well wear it in chunks. What do I mean by chunks? I like to refer to is as such because those who believe in the ideology of turquoise don't tend to wear a dainty piece of this stone on a ring or hanging around their neck...when they wear turquoise, you can't miss it:

For many different cultures, the meaning of turquoise ranges: it can symbolize wealth, protect you from harm, connect you to your spirit world, take on the characteristics of its wearer, provide wisdom, heal the body, etc. Turquoise can also be used for a sign of affection; even Shakespeare uses this symbolism in the Merchant of Venice when Leah gives the precious stone as a ring to Shylock to win his favor. What I love most about this stone is the belief that it is a medium in which you attain spirituality; this was fascinating to me when I studied Navajo culture, in which turquoise is an essential part of life, and even more interesting when talking about the stone with Navajo natives at a turquoise market in Arizona.

(a gift from my sweetheart a few Valentine's ago)

Though my collection is slowly growing, I was happy to finally find the perfect ring this past fall while at that turquoise market. Now, I am on the quest for a great pair of authentic earrings. I must admit, I do hope I am blessed with my great-grandparents treasures one day...because I will treasure them along with all of my happy memories we had. Wearing turquoise isn't as easy as I once thought...I think you dress around the stones. However, it never does go out of style. All I keep thinking is Spring is just around the corner...and so is the perfect white dress with a great turquoise accessory!


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