Tuesday, January 18, 2011

{Classy Candles}

When I first met my sweetheart, I was surprised to find out he was a lover of candles like myself. A few weeks after our first meeting, he showed up at my front door with a handful of roses...or what I thought were roses. In fact, I went to take them from him when I spotted something funny sticking out the top of each rose. Is that a wick? Are these candles? Sure enough, they were homemade candle roses. What a great gift idea! I've discovered that making candles is not only the perfect activity on a rainy day, but it also makes for a sentimental gift. If you're looking for something to make for a special someone (say, Valentine's Day?) this is definitely a good idea. Now, I'm not about to go rolling soft red wax into petals, rolling soft green wax around wiring for stems and making green leaves for a bouquet of candle roses, but there are several other candle-making ideas. My favorite candle I've made to date is a Guinness pint. It was a team effort, but it was fun melting down crayons & candle wax to make the perfect colors to imitate an actual pint then pour each layer into a Guinness glass!

To me, there is nothing more calming then lighting candles during dinner, while taking a bath or hanging out in your room. If you're not the candle-making type, there are plenty of amazing candles out there to collect. While visiting Sedona, AZ, I came across a Global Candle Gallery that creates a circular candle designed to glow when lit. After the candle is dipped in multiple colors and the "glow" layer is set, the artist then carves the candle (typically in front of several people) and hangs it in the gallery. What is super neat about these candles is that each one is uniquely hand-made and beautiful. Check out these candles before and after being lit:


Hibiscus Flower


All images via Global Candle Gallery


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