Thursday, January 20, 2011

{Singing in the Snow}

Spring, I am ready for you to be here. It isn't that I don't like to make snow angels, go skiing or have a snow day to stay home with my pups...but I am really excited for the sun to come back out and greet me (being a solar-powered individual and all) and for the warm weather to show up. Now, I will admit that I love my winter wardrobe, especially the warm boots & coats I have accumulated...but when I start seeing bright colors and beachwear pop up in store windows I get excited. So much so that my heart starts beating faster & I immediately start justifying why I need another bathing suit, sundress or pair of sandals when I could go the rest of my existence without purchasing any of these items. Well, to avoid getting too ahead of myself, because winter is far from being over, there are a couple of items that not only bring my mood up, but are great for both winter and spring weather. The first is something that will definitely be coming in handy for the icy rain & spring showers we will face:

1. Fashionable Umbrella
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Coach Pink Leopard Umbrella

Love it! Umbrella's are one of those things you can always consider to be a need. They can be found pretty much anywhere and in any size, but let's be honest...who doesn't like a cute umbrella? If you're going to drag it around and make a scene trying to close it, you might as well love it. The second item we can embrace with open arms as the perfect counter-part to the umbrella?

2. Rain Boots

Let's be realistic, with all of the snow we are supposedly going to see in the next month...rain boots are definitely a plus and will come in handy for spring when Mother Nature decides we haven't yet seen enough water. I had a little fun with this and decided to pair some rain boots I love with adorable umbrellas that are out. Enjoy!

Spring Spirited

Charming in Pink

Fabulously Floral

Playing with Patterns


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