Tuesday, February 1, 2011

{Hallmark Holiday}

A lot of people have different opinions and views on Valentine's Day. When I was a little girl, this special day was always known as "Dad's Day" because it was the one holiday where my father took charge: a breakfast made up of donuts, hot chocolate & sweet treats, as well as little gift bags and Valentine's just from him. Even when my siblings and I were in school, we still woke up to the same type of set-up at the table & it was always very meaningful...and still is. To me, the hallmark holiday was always a fun day devoted to telling those you love how much you treasure them without having to be in a romantic relationship.

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Of course, not everyone sees it the way I do. I have had my share of encounters with individuals who have gone over the edge about how decorating (or even talking about the day in general) is offensive because they do not have a significant other. Well, first I'd like to say four words of advice: get some self esteem! Secondly, there are a lot of events surrounding this day that are fun for couples, groups & even singles alike!

While I do feel blessed to be in a relationship with my sweetheart (and be treated like the princess I've wanted to be since kindergarten)...Valentine's Day doesn't have to be pigeon-holed to roses, presents, fancy dinners or spending the weekend away (although these things are always nice)...it can be about just having a good time with those that mean the most! Even if you're in a relationship, who says the ladies should get all of the special treatment? Guys need to be spoiled too! So in keeping up with the belief that any excuse to have a good time is a reasonable one, check out these fun ideas for Valentine's Day 2011:

Be a part of the National Zoo's frisky & fun-filled event!

You can even drink wine & eat cheese too!

Get handcuffed and go through the exhibits!

Raise money for the homeless while tasting savory treats at M&T Bank!

This will definitely be on the radar for next year!


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