Thursday, February 3, 2011

{Second Hand Love}

How many clothes are hanging in your closet or sitting in your drawers that you no longer wear? How many excuses have you made to keep that one pair of jeans that you can barely squeeze into? Have any old jewelry that you keep stored in a box that remains unopened? Or handbags that you've been ignoring since high school? I have been guilty of all of the above! Are we really going to use these things ever again or are we just plain old hoarders? Now, I'm a total believer in getting good use out of my attire. I still wear a pair of gray slacks I've had since the summer before starting high school (they still fit right!) and I'm definitely a fan of getting wear & tear out of my outfits. However, for all of those things that no longer fit your physique or go with your current fashion sense, why not donate?

I've recently started making it a habit to go through my room at the start of a new season and make sure I'm not holding on to items I'll really never use again. If I see something questionable, I try it on and justify why I should or shouldn't keep it. I average about a shopping bag worth of tops, pants, shoes & accessories that I either (a) give to my Mom to take to the girls at her school, (b) show to my brother's girlfriends to see if they want dibs or (c) directly donate to an organization. For some, the idea of wearing hand-me-downs is a no-go...but when I was younger, I used to love sifting through older girlfriend's giveaways to see if there was anything "cool" for me to keep! Wouldn't it also be cool to know that your donation will put a smile on someone's face?

If you're not going to use it, give it away! Find a charitable organization (like The Salvation Army or the Purple Heart) to donate to or simply ask around your social circle to see if anyone could use what you're trying to get rid of. Retail therapy is a great feeling...but it's just as great as giving away old retail to someone who could use it more!


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