Tuesday, February 8, 2011

{Spice Up Your Cubicle}

After my initial interview for my current position, there was certainly one thing that had to be done if I got the job: a cubicle makeover. Unless you're a lover of fluorescent lighting, drab mauve walls and old dark gray carpet...a change was absolutely essential. If I'm going to be productive at my job, you better believe I'm going to need some color. I came prepared on my very first day with a box full of items...including little metallic butterflies to be strategically placed where they would reflect the most light. They helped...but I began to pray fervently for real sunlight and even tried a few ritual 'sun god' dances. Just when I thought a higher power was completely ignoring my desperation for natural lighting, a brand new work space with a wall length window opened up next to my boss' office and it was offered to me. My prayers for sunshine quickly turned into prayers that my coworkers wouldn't immediately start plotting my death. Luckily for me, I'm still here. However, for anyone out there that is need of a cubicle spring cleaning, I've got you covered. I am looking into some new ideas to decorate my cube area and these items from Urban Outfitters might strike your fancy:

Add a little color & a little bit of "home" to your workspace!

Who said you can't have a fabulous rug in your cube?

Reflects both light & those pearly whites!

A little desk decor, minus the jewelry...

Need a cute new way to stash paper clips or push pins?

I am accustomed to the personalized posters, wall of photo's and occasional holiday decorations in the world of cubicles...but if we spend the majority of our time in our workspace, why not make it as comforting as possible? Even when it comes to getting organized, The Container Store knows how to have fun with it!

Brilliant idea for bringing spices to work!

Add some favorite "break" reads to your work space...

Easy way to add color & organization to your desk!

Ditch the ugly office trash can & go for a pattern!

I don't know about you, but this post already has me plotting a whole new cubicle for the spring! If you don't want to spend a lot to give your work space an upgrade...pick some ideas and DIY. I definitely have a couple of things in mind. For example, what about painting multiple picture frames a specific color to add that pop factor to your space?

Image via Google

Or creating a fabric covered cork board? Pick out a base cork board, the fabric of your choice, the supplies you will need to put it together, a nice frame (optional) and voila!

Image via Google

Happy Decorating!


  1. You are inspiring me to get a
    “Spring Cleaning” start to my February!!
    Love the great ideas for cubicle,
    offices, or living spaces ;) Hugs, Mom

  2. Love this post! Came across it tonight while looking for some cubicle frame ideas. I'm the graphic designer at my company but you wouldn't know it by looking at my work space. You've inspired me - all your ideas are great!

  3. Christine - Glad you were inspired! After re-reading it, I think my office space could use a few tweaks for the fall :) Always nice to spice things up a bit to get the creative juices flowing!!