Monday, May 9, 2011

{Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me}

Hello, Sunshine! I've decided to share my short list of favorite body products to keep handy while out enjoying the sun & warmth. However, before I do, I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day. It is quite nice to have a day to enjoy all mother's; I feel fortunate to have such a friendly, loving, compassionate, driven and honorable woman to be an example of all that I aspire to be in some way, shape or form.

Thank you, Mom, for every single day of love,
For being true to who you are,
For being my rock, best friend & biggest fan,
For embodying inward beauty (it always shows!),
For being my sunshine...always.

Having beautiful weather was just the icing on the cake for Momma's Day. I cannot wait for the end of the work day to come around so I can get outside & enjoy the nice weather. Confession: my attendance to the gym has gone way down; my attendance to Chipotle, however, way up. Yes, it is a scary truth...but my gym attendance seems to take more breaks during the summer (like last year) due to the fact I cannot imagine suffering through a gym sesh indoors when I could be outside! Le sigh. It is what it is, and I will take any amount of sitting on my deck in the sun while reading a book I can get. I've blown through Emily Giffin's series and am about to wrap up The Help; excellent so far!

While the days of sunbathing during the summer weeks may be over for most of us, I still think it's best to protect yourself out in the midst of that big ball of fire as much as possible. There are some products that I think do a great job at keeping you in tip-top shape before, during & after being outdoors. I'm always on the lookout for new things to try, but here a few body products I have come to love:

I love how light & non-greasy this sunblock is! I need constant reapplication when it comes to lotions, and I find that this works best on my skin. Also, it's lightweight enough to wear as a moisturizer under makeup for an after-beach dinner or happy hour. I recommend going to BJ's (or a comparable store) to pick up this product because you can get two (or more) for the price of one!

Now, I always have a chapstick on hand for lip protection, but I have come to crave this moisturizing lip balm for any time. I love Pink Sugar (left); it leaves my lips feeling moisturized for extended periods of time and has a pink tint to add a pop of color.

To say I'm obsessed with this spray is an understatement. I love it so much, I've been skipping out on conditioner and just spray a little of this on my hair post-shower. 10 Things It Does: maintenance of keratin straightening treatments, increases styling & manageability, is perfect for all hair types, replaces lost protein, protects the natural keratin in hair, protects against heat, restores hydration balance, detangles, defrizzes & adds shine, strengthens hair structure, seals cuticles for extra silky hair.

I've tried other moisturizers, but this is my Old Faithful. Currently, I'm testing out one from Neutrogena, but I just don't think it will beat out Cetaphil for first place. I love how this is a light but powerful moisturizer and has the SPF protection you need year round. I've been using it for years, and the product has always proved to take care of my skin without any side issues.

I don't care what brand, bottle or color it is (unless you have an allergy to dye), aloe is probably the best thing you can do for your skin. I like using cocoa butter as well, but during the warm months I slather on the aloe. It absorbs into your skin quickly and is a natural remedy, providing excellent nutrition & moisturization for your skin.

I've become a fan of the OPI Avoplex Moisture Replenishing products, including this on-the-go cuticle oil! It smells divine & instantly works. Also try out their nail & cuticle replenishing oil and high-intensity hand & nail cream. All are great in my book!



  1. Great recommendations! I use cetaphil every day.

  2. #1 and 2 are must haves for me too! I recommend them to everyone!

  3. Whity Wife - I can't go anywhere without my lip balm! It's pretty much an obsession to say the least :-p Glad you love similar products!!

  4. Natascha - I think you may have been the very first person to introduce me to it! I'm so glad I bought it!! :)

  5. Thanks for the shout-out in your post, my love! I cherish you and am thankful daily for the joy you bring my life! My cup runneth over...