Monday, May 23, 2011

{Flighty and Fabulous}

I love color. I love that which is vibrant. And I really love having fun with my makeup once in awhile. So when I was at the mall the other day picking up this adorable handbag I've been eyeing at a sale price I couldn't refuse, I happened to wander over to the MAC counter with my spare change. Hello color mascara!

I was a bit skeptical at first, but couldn't take my eyes off of the green; commence makeover by wonderful MAC rep. A little bit of orangey/brown eyeshadow and green mascara later, I was sold...but not enough to walk away with the product in hand. I was told this was a limited time offer, but didn't have that "you better buy it now or else" feeling.
Until the next day...

I made my girl's night start a smidgen earlier by stopping back to make the purchase and was told that all of the stores were now sold out of the mascara's. DISSmissed. However, I'm a determined lady...and all options were going to be tried. Now commence the wonders of online shopping on my iPhone + coupon gouging = two colored mascara's with free overnight shipping at the same total as if I was in the store (all under 10 minutes time). Bring 'em on!

I'm all about the pop factor, and I think this collection offers several fun colors for your summer palette without making you look like a drag queen. I have yet to try on the blue, but I'm hoping it turns out as nicely as the green! I'm not quite sure what "overnight shipping" means to MAC because it has now been two days since my purchase and I haven't even received my shipping confirmation, but I'm not fretting too much because it was free. If I've been scammed, you'll be the first to know (along with the unfortunate soul who receives my phone call). No worries though, because Sephora also has a selection of color mascara's as well!

It's always good to have something to look forward to on a Monday!


  1. Said girls night was so fun! It needs to happen again, ASAP

  2. I have that bad gal plum mascara - the color is incredible but it clumps really badly :(

    but I love the idea of plum lashes

  3. Jessica - Oh no! I totally recommend the MAC ones if they are still available online...I am completely in love with both the green and blue. It's funny, but depending on the eye shadow, the blue mascara color looks more like purple :-p

  4. Newest follower! I'm intrigued and I want to try some color mascara. But what do you do with blue eyes? Blue mascara?

  5. Hilary - Thanks for stopping by! I have blue eyes, and the green looks awesome on! It really makes your eyes pop. The blue is also pretty and a little more low key, but I've received a lot of compliments so far on both! I highly recommend :)