Wednesday, May 25, 2011

{Suit Up}

I'm slightly a bathing suit fanatic. I probably own at least a dozen, but who's really counting? There may be something to be said about my unhealthy habit of planning ahead to the days I will (hopefully) be vacationing on white sand or just plain living on white sand. Clearly, I'm in denial. Anyhow, I'm not throwing in the towel just yet. I've begun to warm up to the idea of mixing & matching pieces (let's not get too crazy though) and even possibly wearing a fashionable one-piece...but as I was going through my People Style Watch yesterday, I came across the following picture dubbed as the "it" one-piece:

Image via Google
Rihanna & Diane Kruger in We Are Handsome - The Amazon Scoop Back

Ummm...what? Just because an A-lister or two wears this, does that make it fashionable...or even attractive? Well, since I was appalled by the first glance of this bathing suit...I did some research on the Australian label. Turns out, I was quite taken by their collections (though I am not ecstatic about the about-to-pounce-on-you cat face). Those creepy yellow eyes should only be allowed to appear on a Broadway playbill. Just sayin'. However, check out these other cool We Are Handsome swimsuits I found:

The Hollywood Scoop Back

The Los Angeles Bandeau

The Bahamas Zip Suit

The Yosemite Bandeau

The Kinaree Zipsuit

The Dreamer Zipsuit

But not without more creepy cats...

The Africa Scoop Back

Well, there you have it. A new twist on swimwear. Not exactly what I was expecting for a new summer swimsuit fetish, but interesting nonetheless!

 Images via We Are Handsome


  1. Very interesting indeed. I'm not sure the zip up is the safest idea on a bathing suit but the designs are gorgeous! love you.

  2. Can't say I'm a fan, even if celebs are wearing it.

  3. Some of these are very strange, but some are really pretty! Thanks for the add on 20sb! Hope you'll stop by and follow my blog :)


  4. Momma Bear - Yes, I have to agree...zippers in the front are scandalous and possibly disastrous :-p

  5. Kelsey - For the most part, I'm not a fan either...but I do like the bird series...lots of bright colors & patterns!

  6. Jenn - Hi! Thanks for stopping by...I will have to check out your blog :-)