Thursday, June 2, 2011

{Candy Station}

I am excited to tell you all that I finally put together my very first candy station! Awhile back, I mentioned here about how awesome it would be to add a little pop to an event with a candy/hors d’oeuvres table. Well, this past weekend my littlest brother (who is taller than me) was celebrated by friends & family as a soon-to-be high school graduate...and this is what I came up with:

The Goods:

Store-Bought Treats
+Candy Dots
+Rock Candy
+Swivel Sticks
+Candy Cigarettes
+Candy Necklaces

Homemade Delicacies
~Pretzels 1/2 Dipped in Chocolate (with yellow jimmies)
~Macaroons 1/2 Dipped in Chocolate (with blue jimmies)
~Cake balls (courtesy of my sister!)

The Display
vAll of the above glass containers (except for a couple of glasses we already owned) were purchased at TJ MAXX...for under $45!

vI also put unused mirrors from IKEA underneath the center goodies to add a little depth & make the table really pop!

Go Comets!

It was so much fun to design this table & make it happen! On a funny note, people were hesitant at first to actually start eating the a little encouragement (and goodie bags!) were needed. All in all, it was a success. Of course, nothing is more satisfying than knowing the amazing person my brother is becoming; I prayed for a second little brother and he has never disappointed! Well, considering he IS the youngest of four children...he is hands-down the most spoiled (Mom, you know it's true) and definitely likes to be the center of attention...but he has a heart of gold and the kind of spirit that is truly a gift to have around.

(Sorry for the, it was extremely hot out...don't judge)

Being an older sister has its perks. I get to screw up so my siblings can learn from me. I get to give advice on what NOT to do...but also what is best to do. I get the opportunity to be a role model. I get to celebrate with them in their accomplishments, and also share in the stinging feeling of disappointment. But most of all, I get to call them my best friends. There is no bond like that of siblings; even with the banter, rivalry or annoyances that a sister or brother may bring to the table...the kind of love that can exist between them is unmatchable.

I'm proud of you Brandon! Happy Graduation!!

All images courtesy of © 2010 Chateau de Victoria


  1. it looks great! one of my younger brothers just graduated too. and little is not the right term, mine are both 6'4"...i'm 5'9"...awesome!

  2. that looks so good! Very professional, like something you'd see in a magazine. I'm going home this weekend for my sister's high school graduation. She's taller than me too.

  3. Hayley - Thanks girl! Holy cannoli...6'4''?! It's crazy how fast time flies :-p

  4. Kelsey - Thanks for the compliment! I really had so much fun putting it together. I would be so much happier event planning as a full time job :) Congrats to your little sister!!