Monday, June 27, 2011

{Dreamy Dressing Rooms}

When I think of having my own place, I often imagine what "my space" will look like. My current room isn't big, but everything is well organized & colorful...and I enjoy spending time in it. From reading a book to painting my nails to catching up on my latest reality TV obsession, I like the environment I have created for myself. It is also my dressing room, and therefore it is the most fun space I have! I don't think I will need a very big area to call my own (unless I live in loft, then I'll take it all!) but these pictures include different elements I would love to incorporate into a fabulous space for myself, along with basic & affordable inspirations from IKEA...

The mirrors make this room look huge!
I love the idea of having wall length mirrors and a colorful throw rug.

Fab doors...

DIY? Obvi.

A chandelier adds a pop of elegance!
I also like the variety of drawers, hanging space & shelving units.

It's nice how casually the desk fits into this room...
...along with a comfortable chair!

The mannequin adds a touch of femininity next to the vanity!

  simple space 
Basic furniture
Colorful decor
+  A DIY approach
= A fabulous room!

Images (non-IKEA) via Google


  1. adorable! i love those pictures! i get excited when planning or just playing around with ideas for upcoming spaces. :) oh, and i'm following your blog now!

  2. love your taste!
    agreed, I do love thinking about when I get my own place one day what'll look like. *sigh*

  3. Kay - Thanks so much for the kind words :) I can't wait to check out your blog!

  4. Little Missy Me - Thanks, girl! I can't wait for my own place...I'll admit it, I'm not a big fan of sharing so I need my special space!!

  5. the shoe display is to die for. My brother and his girlfriend just moved in together and she turned the spare bedroom into a big closet like these. I am envious.