Tuesday, June 21, 2011

{Flippy Floppies}

I hope everyone had a wonderful Father's Day! It's great to celebrate our parents; my dad is such a strong man, encouraging father & honorable husband. He doesn't hear it enough, but he is the best male role model I have ever known.

Thank you, Dad, for your unconditional love & support,
For seeing the best in me when I do not,
For being the friendly voice of reason when I need it,
For embodying the faith that you believe in,
For being there...always.

Sunday was a nice day out, which means it was flip flop kind of weather! When I was younger (okay...like three years ago) I had this habit of matching my flip flops with every outfit I wore. I'm talking mostly about my high school & early college years, when hot pink & neon blue flip flops were more acceptable when paired with the same colored top. I'm not going to lie, this may happen again...but probably only when visiting the beach. There is something to be said about having a few fun & bright pairs of flip flops in your closet during the summer.

I got a pair of these as a gift & I love them!

How about taking it up a notch and designing your own flip flops? Since the 1960's, Havaianas have been a leading shoe brand known for dressing both celebs and non-celebs in hot flip flop styles. Currently, they have teamed up with Missoni to bring you a few brightly patterned sandal options. And while they used to only custom design flip flops for celebs, now you can make your own!

First you pick out your gender and shoe size. Next you pick out a base color followed by choosing a strap color. As it stands now, the final step gives you the option of adding up to two pins on each flip flop strap; while they offer a few cute choices, I hope they expand their selection in the near future! I am also crossing my fingers that they will soon let you choose a pattern for the base color versus only a solid color...but then again, my bank account might highly disapprove of this. Check out the site & have some fun!

Looking forward to sunny weather!


  1. flip flops are my favorite summertime accessory :)

  2. Hannah - Mine too :) I love wedges & sandals...but flip flops put me at ease!