Friday, August 26, 2011

{Fashion Vault 102}

It's almost time for Fall! Boots, scarves, jackets, skinny jeans, oh my! Autumn is a glorious time of year and, although my credit card is currently on strike (but hey, at least Verizon isn't!), I'm looking forward to the days of trying on the assortment of colorful clothing & leather goods that are plaguing our favorite stores. But not too fast; now is the time to grab last minute summer items (think next year) that are on sale and reasonably priced. I mentioned here about my favorite budget-friendly fashion websites (i.e. ideeli and Rue La La - view the whole list under my Fabulous Finds tab), but check out these other great sites when updating your wardrobe or home!

Everything on this website is $100 or less!

A luxurious online fashion outlet!

An invite-only website with top designer deals!

I've said it before but it bears repeating: enjoy your money but be smart! Scout the internet for promo codes or online coupons when making a purchase. Be proactive and ask the sales rep at your favorite stores when they plan on having their next sale & make sure you're on their list to receive in-store coupons. If you have good credit and are well disciplined in the paying-your-bills-on-time arena, think about getting a credit card from your favorite store so that you simultaneously earn points towards future purchases while using it. At first, the thought of having additional credit cards made me cringe, but now I'm enjoying reaping the rewards!

“Clothes make the man.
Naked people have little or no influence on society."
-Mark Twain

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