Thursday, December 15, 2011

{Festive yet Fit}

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Festive yet Fit Gifts

It's official: my winter workout routine has begun once again! I've mentioned before that I tend to stay outdoors as often as possible and get back into the gym during the winter since the days are colder and much shorter. Well, I'm happy to report that I'm joining a new gym and have been kicking my butt all week in classes such as spin and body pump! I've got so much energy these days I have no idea what to do with all of to the gym I go. No hibernation period for this little lady! And since we're smack in the middle of getting ready for the holidays, why not think about getting low-priced gifts for those in your life who also like to stay fit?

{Under $25}

Add a little pop of color to your workout attire!
Wisps away sweat while keeping you lookin' flashy & bright!

Tracks each rep after you've stretched to maximize your toning effort!

$10 goes towards Matt Damon's non-profit organization!

I want this! Holds your cards & cash to keep you organized on-the-go!

I firmly believe reflections make us happier!

{Under $50}

Folds up flat when finished!

Adorable and great for an impromptu dance party!

Great for traveling - includes a jump rope, pedometer & resistance band!

{Under $100}

Featherweight and fun!

This funky watch times intervals and is water-resistant!

"A strong body makes the mind strong."
-Thomas Jefferson

Images via Fitness Magazine


  1. Great ideas!! Way to stay in shape, girl.

  2. Don't forget to check out Pilates! Also, Yoga is a great way to recenter and get a good stretch after a week of working out. Avoid bulking up by only doing body weight and resistance band exercises and always always always stretching out after. Stretching in the sauna is the best because it allows you to relax a little bit more and achieve a deeper stretch. Plus it warms your insides for the walk out to your car in the cold! GREAT ARTICLE TORI :D Let me know if you need any new ideas to add to your workout, I'd love to help!

  3. Kellie - I miss you! Yes, I LOVE Pilates :-) Haven't done a ton of yoga but am always interested. I actually have a sauna now at this new gym so I will have to start stretching out after in there. Thanks girl!