Sunday, December 18, 2011

{Vogue: Top Trends of 2011}

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Vogue: Top Trends of 2011

For many, Vogue is the holy grail of the fashion world. It is the source of all things sacred and desired in the fashion industry; a medium by which trends can not only be captured but glorified. A place where one goes to understand the artistic expression behind fashion, beauty and style. It is an escape into a colorful world of creative thinking, risk taking and hard work. Therefore, in honor of reflecting back on a wonderful year of fabulous ideas and exciting new fads, I present to you...

Vogue's Top Twelve Fashion Trends of 2011

1. Wideleg Pants

2. Fruit Prints

3. Minimalistic Dresses

4. Western Attire

5. Bold Stripes

6. Decorative Edging

7. Punk Influence

8. Statement Suits

9. Earthy Florals

10. Colorful Lace

11. Accentuating Plaid

12. Snakeskin Couture

"Adornment is never anything except a reflection of the heart."
  -Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel

Images via Vogue


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