Friday, August 31, 2012

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Food Stations

I am a food junkie at heart. I could easily spend my days traveling around the world just to try new eats! And while I have been overwhelmed with life lately...I am looking forward to the days where I can slow down a little bit and entertain a little more. One thing I enjoy is presenting food in a fun way. Last spring, I created my first candy station in honor of my brother's high school graduation...and from there the inspiration has grown. To me, the presentation of food is exciting and can add that pop factor to an event. Which is why these theme-inspired food stations are definitely happening in the future:

Make Your Own Popcorn
Perfect for a movie night!

Candy Apples
I love the use of actual sticks...

...along with a variety of toppings...

...or just use apple slices!

Salad Fixins'
For larger events, this salad bar is a great idea! Otherwise, downsize the variety of toppings for a smaller engagement. Who said eating healthy can't look fabulous?

Chili Dogs
This is the perfect example of a basic yet fun food station. With football season underway, this table will certainly come in handy.

Pasta Night
Now this is right up my ally! I love spaghetti dinners...and this picture might have to come to fruition this weekend.

Cupcake Wars
Cupcakes are just one of those things that I love...and evidently millions of others agree with me! So instead of spending a pretty penny on store-bought treats, perhaps a cupcake bar would be a sweeter alternative!

Hot Chocolate Bar
Oh, I'm swooning...

I'm still a lover of the ever-so-popular candy station that I first mentioned a long time ago in what seems like a land far away. Whether you're working with candy or other foods, it has been my experience that buying supplies or display materials at stores like TJ Maxx or Hobby Lobby are great for your budget and come in handy more often than you think! Disregard Mom's old rule of not playing with your food and get creative :)

Is there a food station you've tried that you thought was a great success? Any inspiration you can offer?

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