Thursday, December 6, 2012

{Holiday Office Decor}

Accentuate your space with...

A Cubicle Makeover: Home for the Holidays
My office space is slowly transforming...

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Over the weekend, I had a lovely time celebrating my 25th birthday. Between family, friends & coworkers...I couldn't have asked for a more special day. It was full of surprises and was a strong reminder that God has truly blessed me. Now I am ready to indulge in everything Christmas-related! I have been holding on to my Christmas cards since my trip to Canada, so I can't wait to fill them out and send them on their way! Then it's time to scope out a couple of holiday party dresses, turn some cookie recipes into reality and start wrapping gifts. But not before adding some holiday cheer to the office as well! Check out these fun, office-friendly ideas:

Decorate a few pine cones with glitter, grab some extra ornaments & put them all into an old vase! Add a cute ribbon or bow for extra flair.

Spruce up an old picture frame or make one out of candy canes!

Wrap empty boxes and stack them on your desk! I also love the decorated letters to spell out a festive word or phrase.

Since real (and fake) trees are often frowned upon in the office, get creative and make your own! Opt for smaller wrapped boxes for a minimal yet colorful display.

Isn't this a cute idea for a coworker or Secret Santa gift?

Despite the government's endless rules as to what you can and cannot do in the office (seriously, what isn't flammable?), I like to decorate for the holidays. So far, I've added tinsel and snowflakes around my desk, along with an adorable little snowman that makes everything smell like cinnamon. A few coworkers already refer to my office space as my "home" and sometimes come visit my "room", so it's only appropriate that it looks festive! Since most of us spend more time at our desk than anywhere else, my philosophy has always been to make it as comfortable and tasteful as possible. Happy decorating!

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  1. You have spent your holiday in a good way, all the decorations are really cool.