Tuesday, December 11, 2012

{Sassy Schoolboy}

What I'm wearing today...

Channeling My Inner Schoolboy

Today I'm channeling my inner schoolboy. Over the weekend, I stopped by J. Crew and picked up a ridiculously perfect plaid blazer to go with my dark-colored toothpick jeans. Paired with gold jewelry, a fabulous orangey-red nail polish, my go-to fall/winter bag, a few spritzes of sexy perfume and some suede booties...I'm downright obsessed with the finished look! I've also been keeping it a little simpler these days with my makeup (I like a winged eyelid with a kohl liner, black lashes and a touch of blush/bronzer). I also decided my straight hair needed a little revamping this week; I've braided my hair into a bun and played around with curls! Big things are happening folks!!

Actually, they are. For one, I received a significant raise at work. Wahoo! I also just discovered that the back pain I've been enduring over the past several weeks is actually due to a herniated disk in my spine, which is also causing a nerve to be pinched. While this news sounds quite distressing, I'm very relieved to know exactly what the next steps are in the healing process! I've been given a neck brace to wear in the evening, a tens unit to wear whenever necessary and will be the recipient of several epidural cortisone injections. But I'm trying to stay positive! Though bummed I can't rock climb for awhile, I'm still able to work out (somewhat) and stay fit. At the end of the day, I'm a lucky lady...all things considered!

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  1. You look gorgeous! Praise God for a good Dr. who will assist in your back recovery.